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ICC History of Cricket

History of Cricket: The origins of cricket from Pre 1799 to the 21st Century

Cricket originates from England, and is now popular all over the world, notably in Australia, New Zealand, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, the West Indies, and the British Isles.

ICC History of Cricket


Cricket Ball Weight Origin

Since the 17th century, the ball, which was apparently made of stone, has remained mostly unchanged. In 1774, the contemporary weight of 5.5 to 5.75 ounces (156 to 163 grammes) was established.

ICC History of Cricket


Cricket Bat Origin

The original bat was undoubtedly a shaped branch of a tree, similar to a modern hockey stick but more longer and heavier.

ICC History of Cricket


When was the first cricket match played?

The first mention of an 11-a-side match, played in Sussex for a stake of 50 guineas, is from 1697.

ICC History of Cricket


Women's Cricket Origin

Cricket became a major sport in London and the south-eastern counties of England in the first part of the 18th century.

Travel limitations hampered its expansion, but it was gradually gaining popularity in other regions of England, and Women's Cricket dates back to 1745, when the first known match was played in Surrey.

ICC History of Cricket


Cricket Laws Origin

The initial Laws of Cricket were published in 1744 and were later changed in 1774, when innovations such as LBW, a third stump, the middle stump, and a maximum bat width were added.

ICC History of Cricket


When did the cricket bowlers stop rolling the ball down the ground?

When bowlers began to pitch the ball after 1760, rolling the ball down the ground became obsolete, and the straight bat replaced the traditional "hockey-stick" kind of bat.

For approximately thirty years, until the founding of the MCC and the opening of Lord's Cricket Ground in 1787, the Hambledon Club in Hampshire was the focal centre of the game.

ICC History of Cricket


Origin of cricket in India, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and the West Indies

Colonists brought it to the West Indies, and British East India Company seafarers brought it to India.

It came in Australia nearly immediately after settlement began in 1788, and the sport spread to New Zealand and South Africa in the early nineteenth century.

ICC History of Cricket


Cricket in the 19th century

Napoleonic Wars and the game of Cricket

ICC History of Cricket


Role of the British Railways and Her Majesty's Armed Forces in the promotion of cricket

The expansion of the railway network aided the growth of cricket by allowing teams from large distances apart to play one another without the need for a time-consuming travel.

ICC History of Cricket


The way cricketers bowled changed in the 19th century

Until the early nineteenth century, all bowling was underhand, and the majority of bowlers preferred the high-tossed lob.

ICC History of Cricket


When was overhand bowling in cricket allowed?

In 1862, an England team playing Surrey left the field at London's Kennington Oval in protest at a "no ball" call (i.e., an umpire's ruling that the bowler had bowled an improper pitch).

ICC History of Cricket


Cricket Batsman's Pad Origin

Batsmen learned to protect themselves with padding and batting gloves, and a cane handle made the bat more resilient.

ICC History of Cricket


When was Leg-before-wicket (LBW) introduced in Cricket?

In the early twentieth century, so many runs were scored that a controversy erupted over revising the "leg-before-wicket" ban, which was enacted in the 1774 statutes to forbid a batsman from using his body to prevent the ball from striking his wicket.

However, the high scores were attributable to the efforts of numerous exceptional batsmen, including W.G. Grace, Sir John Berry Hobbs, and K.S. Ranjitsinhji (later the maharaja of Nawanagar). This was the heyday of cricket.

ICC History of Cricket


Legalization of Overarm Bowling

Overarm bowling was legalised in 1864, and the year also saw the release of the first Wisden Cricketers' Almanack, which is still in print today.

W. G. Grace began his long and prominent career the same year, greatly increasing cricket's popularity.

ICC History of Cricket


When was the first cricket ODI played and where? Which two teams played this match?

The first international cricket match was played in 1844 between the United States and Canada at New York's St George's Cricket Club, and in 1859, a team of prominent English pros toured North America on the first-ever overseas tour.

The first English team visited Australia in 1862, and six years later, a team of Australian Aborigines visited England, making them the first Australian cricket team to travel abroad.

ICC History of Cricket


Development of Women's cricket in the 19th century

Women's cricket was important in the growth of the sport in the nineteenth century, with the first women's county match taking place in 1811.

Women's matches were frequently played in front of big crowds, notably in the south of England, and the first women's sides began playing the sport in Australia in the 1890s.

ICC History of Cricket


Cricket in the 20th Century

International Cricket Council (ICC) Origin

ICC History of Cricket


Women's cricket in the 20th century

Women's cricket made its first big international strides at the beginning of the twentieth century, with England and Australia playing the first ever Test Match in 1934.

ICC History of Cricket


Limited-overs Cricket Origin

Following a wartime boom, sluggish play and fewer run totals typified the 1950s, and the defensive style of county cricket contributed to a gradual decline in attendance.

ICC History of Cricket


Racism in Cricket and the South African Apartheid

South Africa was excluded from international cricket competition indefinitely due to apartheid in 1970, and as a result, deprived of top-level competition, the South African Cricket Board began supporting so-called "rebel tours," in which foreign players formed teams and toured South Africa.

ICC History of Cricket


Origin of Limited-overs ODIs

The inaugural limited-over international match was played at Melbourne Cricket Ground in 1971 as a filler after a Test match was called off due to severe weather on the first two days.

ICC History of Cricket


Private Local Cricket Leagues Origin

Kerry Packer signed some of the world's greatest players to a privately managed cricket league outside the system of international cricket in 1977.

ICC History of Cricket


Cricket World Cup Origin

Because the initial World Cup was such a success, it was agreed that it would become a permanent fixture on the calendar with future Cricket World Cups.

ICC History of Cricket


Cricket Third-Umpire Origin

For the first time in a Test series between South Africa and India in 1992, a third umpire was used to evaluate run-out claims using television replays.

The third umpire's responsibilities have now grown to encompass judgements on other parts of play such as stumpings, catches, and boundaries.

ICC History of Cricket


When did Sri Lanka, Zimbabwe, and Bangladesh join international cricket?

With numerous ICC Associate and Affiliate Members being active in increasing domestic competitions and later on the international stage, the international game continues to flourish.

And three of those countries became Test nations in the last years of the twentieth century: Sri Lanka (1982), Zimbabwe (1992), and Bangladesh (2000).

ICC History of Cricket


Cricket in the 21st century

The twenty-first century has witnessed some of the most rapid developments in the history of the game, perhaps none more significant than the birth of a new format of the sport, the three-hour spectacle of Twenty20 cricket.

ICC History of Cricket


When was the first T20 cricket match played?

The introduction of Twenty20 cricket, which was first played in county cricket in England in 2003, has resulted in significant innovation in the game.

ICC History of Cricket


Indian Premier League (IPL) Origin

The win of India over Pakistan in the final of the first-ever ICC World Twenty20, played in Johannesburg in September 2007, had a worldwide TV audience of more than 400 million.

ICC History of Cricket


Origin of Test and ODI Championship Table

In the new century, the ICC also introduced a "Test Championship Table" in 2001.

ICC History of Cricket


When did Kenya, Ireland, Afghanistan, and the Netherlands join international cricket?

The ICC also increased its development programme, with the goal of producing more national teams capable of compete across many forms.

ICC History of Cricket


When was Afghanistan and Ireland given the full-member status in the ICC?

Afghanistan and Ireland were awarded Full-Member status in June 2017 for their continuous performances both on and off the field, which resulted in considerable development and expansion of cricket in their respective nations, bringing the total to 12.

ICC History of Cricket


Power-plays in Cricket Origin

On the field, there have also been developments, such as the introduction of Power-plays in Limited Overs cricket, which impact fielding constraints, the use of two new balls in One Day Internationals, and even dug-outs for entering batters in Twenty20 cricket.

The Adelaide Oval hosted the first-ever day-night Test Match between Australia and New Zealand, utilising a specially manufactured pink ball.

ICC History of Cricket


Use of high-tech technologies in modern-day cricket

There have also been many recent technological advancements in the game, such as ball tracking, flashing stumps and bails to ensure accurate run-out decisions, infrared cameras and edge detection technology to see whether the bat has hit the ball, and the Duckworth-Lewis-Stern method to calculate targets and results in limited-overs matches in the event of inclement weather.

ICC History of Cricket


Origin of Decision Review System in Cricket

In a series between India and Sri Lanka in 2008, a novel referral system in which players were able to refer some on-field decisions to the third umpire made its international debut.

This has since grown into the official Decision Review System.

ICC History of Cricket



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