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What is Lagana and Khana in Cricket Betting?

Odds basically reflect the money flow or the public's betting stake in a given match.

If you place bets on a team, where odds of it winning the match are highly in its favour (following the overall sentiment or the crowd); you are doing a "lagai" or "lagana."

But, if you feel everyone else is wrong, and that the favourite team is going to lose instead; then any bet placed against it is "khai" or "khana."

The person doing the Lagana is buying the chances of winning, and the person doing the Khana is selling the risk of losing to the counterparty.

In exchange betting, the bookmaker acts like a market maker (the ones present on the stock exchange) and facilitates these transactions.

However, under normal circumstances, a local bookie or an online sportsbook is almost always selling you the risk of losing the bet or in other words, doing the Khana.

Please note that these terms are of Hindi/Urdu origin, and mostly spoken in India and Pakistan, including Indians living in South Africa, Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong and Dubai etc.


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