Cricket Betting Sites

Cricket Betting Site No 1: Betwinner

Not new to the business, been around for quite some time now. Lots of Indians and Brazilians have accounts here. Offers 100% first deposit bonus.

Official website address:

Cricket Betting Site No 2: Paddy Power

Pretty much a bread-and-butter bookie for folks living in the UK, but it's based out of Dublin. They also got real physical betting shops and are operated by the FTSE 100 Index-listed Flutter Entertainment. It gives out £20 in free bets + 50 Spins Bonus.

Official website address:

Cricket Betting Site No 3:

Heard good things about them, but most Australians would already have an account there. Free first bet worth up to $250 as a welcome bonus.

Official website address:

Cricket Betting Site No 4: Bet365

The biggest betting company in the UK. Overall it's an OK sportsbook and casino, but other options must be explored. It offers £30 in free bets for new accounts, provided a minimum of £10 is deposited.

Official website address:

Cricket Betting Site No 5: Ladbrokes

They are fairly popular for small to medium-sized bets in the UK. Paddy Power, bet365 and Betfair are its top competitors. Offers €30 Casino Bonus, with minimum €10 deposit.

Official website address:

Cricket Betting Site No 6: Betfair

Doesn't accept Indians any longer, so it's not really worth the hassle, especially when their rates are matched equally well by other bookmakers (many of which are their white labels, which means you can still place bets with them indirectly). And that real money-making bettors don't hunt for small chunk of change in odds. Make an effort to look at the bigger picture instead. One can deposit £10 and enjoy 50 free spins on a popular slot game, also encompassing £20's worth of free bets.

Official website address:

Cricket Betting Site No 7: Betway

One of the old ones in the industry and backed by corporate money. I got nothing out of the ordinary, or thrilling to say about them. They can be taken on board as a good alternative, if you want to spread the risk over more than one online bookie. Offers 50 free spins bonus for a first-time deposit of £10.

Official website address:

Cricket Betting Site No 8: Dafabet

Based out of Makati, Philippines, it's one of the fastest growing betting companies in the Asian region; now focusing in the growing Indian market. Welcome bonus for up to INR 30,000 is available here.

Official website address:

Cricket Betting Site No 9: 10cric

It specifically focuses on cricket, but other than India doesn't accept players from any other major cricket-playing nation. Their welcome offer is 200% bonus of up to ₹15000 for new accounts.

Official website address:

Cricket Betting Site No 10: 1XBET

Very action-packed and thorough with hundreds of features that can do all sorts of nitty-gritty functions. I don't think any other online cricket sportsbook, or casino, in the industry has such a setup. Offers 120% of your first deposit as a welcome bonus.

Official website address:

Cricket Betting Site No 11: Sky Bet

They do a lot of ad spend on TV commercials and what not. Fact is most of their clients aren't happy. And even more so people who bet on cricket. Rest is up to you. It doles out £20 in free bets provided one opens an account and deposits a minimum of £5.

Official website address:

Cricket Betting Site No 12:

One of the biggest legal betting sites in South Africa. If you like their customer support and odds, go for it, but I'd generally walk away. Welcome bonus for up to R5000.

Official website address:

Cricket Betting Site No 13: 22Bet

One of the better growth stories out there. It's picking up heat in Asian nations, not so much for cricket for now, but has a lot of potential considering the lines they offer are appropriately competitive. A welcome bonus of up to Rs 25,000 is offered.

Official website address:

Cricket Betting Site No 14:

They tried landing in India under the brand name Bodog India, but failed miserably and then shutdown their operations. Let's face it. They are primarily focused on the American sports betting market. Cricket is not something they understand. Offers up to $250 bonus for cricket bets.

Official website address:

Cricket Betting Site No 15:

Overall, a B+ bookie, and a former cricketer, Brett Lee, also endorses them. Don't confuse them with, which is a different company and obviously focused on the Australian market. Gives out €40 in free bets as a bonus.

Official website address:

Cricket Betting Site No 16: Parimatch

Operating out of Ukraine, but were forced to to exit. Their app accepts cricket bettors from most countries of the world, but their prime focus still lives in Brazil and India. Offers 150% up to ₹30,000 and ₹250 in free bets as a welcome offer.

Official website address:

Cricket Betting Site No 17: 10Bet

Mostly tend to veer towards European football but can serve as a good option for small-time cricket bets too. They also give out a 100% deposit bonus up to $500.

Official website address:

Cricket Betting Site No 18: JeetWin

The people behind this brand are the same who are running BetBarter. They do offer a welcome bonus for up to INR 20,000.

Official website address:

Cricket Betting Site No 19: India Bet

This one is not real money, just prizes. One can get up to 500 IBR bonus just for logging into your own account. There's tons of bonus offers listed on their website.

Official website address:

Cricket Betting Site No 20: ComeOn!

A lot of websites on the internet that promote bookies have them listed. And I have no idea why. Majority of their clients are Danish and Norwegian. Both don't play cricket. But you can still deposit €10 and get €60 in free bonus bets, for their casino at least.

Official website address:

Cricket Betting Site No 21: 888sport

It's a Meh. This bookmaker hasn't been able to find its core competency; for God knows how many years now. They do a little bit of everything. I would give it a miss, when it comes to betting on cricket. Get £30 to £150 as a Sign Up Offer depending upon the amount of your deposit.

Official website address:

Cricket Betting Site No 22: Fun88

It's a bit of a confusing brand to be honest. On one hand, they have a website, probably to cloak themselves an authentic look; and on the other, they seem to focus near-100 percent on the Indian gambling market. The design structure of their site is imposing, nevertheless. They aren't anything out of the box, just one of countless online bookies. They offer a 200% deposit bonus up to Rs. 15,000 to their new customers.

Fun88 India Official website:

Cricket Betting Site No 23: Crickex

This one is newish to the highly competitive Indian markets and also one of the many sister sites of Baji Live, a popular bookie that operates out of Bangladesh. Their highlight reel is their ability to offer a Betfair-powered exchange. They also do heavy banner advertising on all types of websites, across the internet. Nothing big, but they do offer a welcome bonus for up to ₹5000.

Official Crickex website address:

Official Baji Live website address:

Official Betfair Cricket Exchange website address:

Betpro ID

Biggest Betfair-powered exchange operating out of Pakistan. Best part is that Cricketing.Bet can provide its ID accounts, directly through Whatsapp. Up to 10% to 20% bonus depending upon your local agent.

Official website address:

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I wouldn't waste your time with the introductions, other than the fact that I'm a high-rolling cricket bettor who travels between Mumbai, Dubai and Johannesburg. Over the years, I have used every kind of bookie you can think of; be it your local phone-only (or the ones with the secret telegram and whatsapp groups) contact who gets busted every now and then, to all the top online bookmakers - all the way from offshore sportsbooks located in the remote regions of South America to the very seedy ones operating out of Russia.

Let's be straight. Cricket betting (online or offline) is illegal in India, Pakistan and Bangladesh. And tournaments played between these countries witness - as expected - the highest number of bet slips from tens of millions of fans. This is also a prominent reason why thousands search for reviews of honest online bookmakers on Google; virtually every day.

If you are a local resident of countries like Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Ireland, England; your prayers are already answered. You don't even need to read this page or any other review. Simply go for any local online bookmaker that takes bets on cricket and you'll be on your way. In fact, let me make your life easy. You have the choice between brands like bet365, Betfair (their Exchange in particular), 888sport, Betway, Paddy Power, William Hill, Betdaq, Ladbrokes and Sky Bet. Signing up with them is easy, and you probably already have seen their adverts on the telly.

Here's the thing; nothing (and I mean it) beats BetWinner when it comes to betting on the game of cricket with the best satta rates - odds, bhav and for some funny rationale "market load" as it's known by its street name - and the ability to deposit and withdraw money using bank transfers using wire transfers, bitcoin, debit and credit cards. This betting site is good for places like India.

For Pakistanis looking specifically for Betfair-clone site, Cricketing.Bet can create new IDs for Betpro, a popular betting exchange in that country.

This page has the names of virtually all the in-demand online bookies, even links to tips and prediction sites that one can make use of. You have read all the fruity bits already. Feel free to scroll down for more, should you wish.

Ok, let's start.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Rate or Bhav?

These terms are used for the word "odds," which is the likelihood of a team to win or lose a match. Bhavs, Rates, or Odds are set by the bookmaker, depending upon the available liquidity (number of bettors pouring in the money against each other) among other factors.

What is lagana and khana in cricket betting?

Odds basically reflect the money flow or the public's betting-stake in a given match. If you place bets on a team, where odds of it winning the match are highly in its favour (following the overall sentiment or the crowd); you are doing a "lagai" or "lagana." But, if you feel everyone else is wrong, and that the favourite team is going to lose instead; then any bet placed against it is "khai" or "khana." The person doing the Lagana is buying the chances of winning, and the person doing the Khana is selling the risk of losing to the counterparty. In exchange betting, the bookmaker acts like a market maker (the ones present on the stock exchange) and facilitates these transactions. However, under normal circumstances, a local bookie or an online sportsbook is almost always selling you the risk of losing the bet or in other words, doing the Khana. Please note that these terms are of Hindi/Urdu origin, and mostly spoken in India and Pakistan, including Indians living in South Africa, Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong and Dubai etc.

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What is 1, X, and 2 shown on cricket betting exchanges?

1 is used to reflect a win, X is a draw, and 2 defines a loss. All three symbols are used in an odds table that is generated by an online bookmaker.

Can I make decent money through betting on cricket?

Frankly speaking, no. In fact, majority of the people betting on this sport lose money over time. Unless, the match is rigged, and you're part of the group that is doing the fixing; everything comes down to luck, and your ability to correctly measure the performance-output of the players. Here is my advice (and I have given it to hundreds of people); if you aren't part of a large syndicate that fixes matches; and somehow due to a fortunate stroke of serendipity win a big bet, just cash out and never ever come back into this field again. Alas, no one really listens, and almost all of them return the next day, or the week after, and lose it all back to the bookmaker. The power of money blinds even the brightest of people. And, no human can do anything to change this natural trait. Sorry.

Many people come into this game thinking they would be millionaires or crorepatis in no time. Well, some of it may in fact be true, but like it was mentioned earlier, only, if you are hooked to a betting syndicate, that fixes matches. That itself is another storyline and it's not easy to get into that circle (it's reserved for celebrities, large businessmen, or very well connected people). You should enter this area with sober expectations and learn to take losses, whenever they happen; and that they would be plenty.

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What is sessions or spot betting?

Traditionally, sessions betting meant dividing the entire match into several sessions and then taking bets during the live play for each. For example, a session is made up of 5, 10, 15 and 20 overs in a T20 match. But, today this term is intermixed with spot. So basically, under session/spot betting, a person is able to bet on every ball being bowled, potential total score, man of the match, possible run outs, catches, ability of a batsman to score a 50 or a century, number of sixes or fours, no-balls, outrights, out on the next ball. Anything you can think of and the bookie would comply.

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Can I deposit and withdraw money using online bank transfer; give or receive cash from a local agent?

Yes, all local bookies, and a select few online bookmakers offer this facility. It is actually the preferred method used for moving large sums of money in places like India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, South Africa and the UAE. Even for South Asian communities living in the UK and Australia; but on the hush hush. But, nowadays Bitcoin is quickly becoming an alternative to cash.

Can I watch live cricket matches or check the latest score on betting sites?

Many fanatics of cricket, who aren't interested in buying sports channel subscriptions; or remain away from the TV screens for whatever reason, keep up with the live match scores through betting sites. For example, Bet365 simulates the entire tournaments ball by ball, in a manner that does not break the copyright laws, but gets the data over to the viewers. Right, I could talk about this bit for hours, but it will take the discussion elsewhere, and that's not the objective of this website.

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Where do I find no deposit bonus bookmakers for cricket betting?

For no deposit bonus hunters; almost all the brands will offer some kind of a promo to entice new clients. All one needs to do is to drop by their website, and click on whatever is on offer - in other words, sign up to get the ball rolling.

For people living in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka or countries like the UAE (Dubai, Abu Dhabi etc.), Saudi Arabia (Jeddah, Riyadh etc.), Oman (Muscat), Qatar (Doha), West Indies, Zimbabwe, Canada, US (I'm out of breath, writing all the country names, lol) or anywhere, wherever the cricket super fans are living as expatriates; there are limited options for bookies and very many rules, that frankly cannot be followed. Therefore, breaking these man-made misanthropic barricades is the only way forward for now.

The local governments in these regions simply block betting sites from being accessed (though you can use a VPN account, or the free Google DNS to open them), or the UK or Australia-based bookmakers have just stopped accepting from these regions as clients - they don't process card payments or just block the access after the account is activated. Needless to say, these measures haven't scared the people away from gambling hundreds of billions of rupees every year in this massive online cricket satta bazar; where dozens of bookies fight each other for their share of the pie.

Most Indian bettors, for example, spend or I should say expend more time searching for a bookie that is painless and safe, than to actually focus on any kind of smart betting strategy, that can win them some money. So, save yourself the BS of exposing yourself to a bookie that wouldn't take you, or worst of all, opening up accounts at fraud sportsbooks located at legally unreachable regions of the world; who would never ever pay your winnings (Google the term: Unsafe Betting Sites - because that is all the reviews, warnings and scam alerts, you'll ever need to read about this subject).

A few popular free and paid prediction and tips sites for everyday cricket matches on the internet are Cricket Betting Tips Free, OLBG, CBTF 7, Cricket Baazigar and I checked out newer ones on the scene recently, and they are apparently run by many individuals, some going by the name of Honey, Arnav, Guru, JSK, Rocky and a few others.

They're all basically OK in a sense that the success factor is pretty much correlated to the randomness of gambling, or the rigged nature of the match being played. I don't know if the folks operating these sites have any inside match fixing information, that they are willing to share with their subscribers.

But, for what it's worth; most of these services can help as an add-on or act as an ego boost for your current theory or strategy on cricket betting. Let's face it. Even, if they knew the deal, wouldn't they be millionaires themselves? but who am I to assume. And in keeping an unbiased view, there must be people (perhaps in the thousands) who have benefited from their knowledge.

I on a personal level have only been able to make money betting on cricket, when I used my own brain. My own proprietary sixth-sense-powered approach that comes with only experience; and nothing else.

To begin with, "playing the daily fantasy cricket games is a form of gambling," but the way it's promoted out there on the internet, makes it look like harmless fun. It's far from it.

The way it works is that you pick your favorite players and form a virtual team. Each player is then awarded points, based on his or her real-world performance in matches; which tally up in the end to make you a loser or a winner of made-up tournaments. But, here's the twist, you have to compete with other such virtual teams (other people on their app network), and to do so, have to deposit money. So each member makes up a fantasy team, pays up a fee for the pool say 100 Indian rupees, for the total winning prize of let's say 800 INR.

No matter, however you try to sell this concept, it's a form of "socially acceptable" betting, because ultimately, your "chances" of winning are totally dependent upon the outcome of matches and the players participating in them. The largest fantasy sports websites, for example, in the US are FanDuel and Draft Kings; both of which also try to rub this stuff on to our faces, while trying to keep it clean. Did you know that Google's sister company Google Capital has funded FanDuel, so big money is involved.

When it comes to gambling - which fantasy sports surely is - I'd keep it simple and open bet slips at a real bookie, which at least, if I'm playing the game of chance, will have a much higher return on my risk capital. The mathematics of probability will still be 50%, so why would I waste my time on earning pennies. That's very stupid economics.

There are many daily fantasy sports (DFS) websites and apps, with the most popular being (many current and former cricketers are endorsing them) MyTeam11 with brand ambassador Shikhar Dhawan, My11Circle with brand ambassador Saurav Ganguly, Dream11 with brand ambassador Mahendra Singh Dhoni, Mobile Premier League (MPL) with brand ambassador Virat Kohli. Similarly, 11Wickets is endorsed by Bollywood actress Sunny Leone.

This is particularly meant for Indians, Pakistanis, Bangladeshis and Sri Lankans - before you move on below. If you are reading this and are able to understand what I'm writing about; then this means that you have a very fair understanding of the English language, and that you probably belong to an educated family.

You do not need to risk your reputation by placing bets with a local bookie contact, who may eventually get caught. And, in places like India, sometimes they even chase the bettors. It's not safe to take such stupid risks for a few hundred thousand rupees; especially when online cricket betting sites are abound and plenty in number.

My only advice - should you heed to it - is to avoid local offline bookie contacts, and instead use an online sportsbook or a smartphone app. This will protect your identity, and provide an extra layer of safety on top.

Having wrote what I said above; there are still many old-timers (in places like Dubai, Mumbai, Karachi, Dhaka, Colombo etc.) with long-standing and deep-rooted connections to large betting networks that can take big (few crore or millions of Euros worth) bets without thinking twice about it. This is one of the reasons, why prominent businessmen living in these countries sort of still opt for the now quickly evaporating form of phone-a-bookie type of betting.

Also in the past 5 years or so, countries like Nepal, Malaysia, Thailand, the Philippines, Nigeria, Kenya, South Africa, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, UK and a few others in Europe (I'll take the names of Malta, Cyprus and Estonia for now) have become alternative hubs for bookies taking in tens of thousands of bets from around the globe.

In other words, big bookmakers and the heads of these mammoth betting groups have more financial resources at their disposal, than the yearly defense budgets of many of the cricket-loving countries, combined.

Here is another interesting thing. Forget about Dubai; you would be surprised to know how much cricket-gambling money (billions of dollars per month by some intelligence reports) flows through the banks located in places like Singapore, Macau, Hong Kong and Vietnam. Of course legal front companies are used for such activities; for example, through operating normal businesses like large shopping malls, hotels, beach resorts, golf courses, publicly traded restaurant chains etc. Everything you hear and read in the media is just the tip of the iceberg, my friend.

There's a famous dialogue from the series, Game of Thrones, that goes like this: "You know nothing Jon Snow."

So, there is a lot more to it than meets the eye.

A lot of users consume their time searching for reviews of cricket betting sites on Quora or seek user recommendations from Redditors; but really, most of the people posting their answers are affiliates and are paid to direct you to a particular bookmaker. That's conflict of interest right there. You do not need to end up moving about, only to come back to this page, right here, for the correct path to take. That energy should instead be utilized in finding a good strategy for your betting escapades.

There's also one other thing to consider. Many people come into this game thinking they would be millionaires or crorepatis in no time. Well, some of it may in fact be true, only, if you are hooked to a betting syndicate, that fixes matches. That itself is another storyline and it's not easy to get into that circle (it's reserved for celebrities, large businessmen, or very well connected people). You should enter this area with sober expectations and learn to take losses, whenever they happen; and that they would be plenty.

Cricket is the second most popular sports after the game of football. Currently, the big three nations are considered to be England, Australia and India, simply because they hold a solid grip over the affairs of the ICC. However, in reality, the big three should be India, Pakistan and Bangladesh - the number of fans living in these massive cricketing states outscore the money and politics of the game. The strength should always be reflected through population; but alas, that is not how the real world works. Money and power will always win the day.

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How much money is bet on every cricket match?

The liquidity (amount of money bet) for popular tournaments such as the premier leagues (IPL, PSL, MSL, BPL, BBL, Super Smash etc.), The Ashes, ICC Cricket World Cup, T20 World Cup, ICC Champions Trophy, Asia Cup; or matches between classic rivals India vs. Pakistan; even England vs. Australia can attract volumes of up to $200 million or more on every ODI match, according to Doha-based International Centre for Sports Security.

Cricket Betting tips, winning predictions and odds

This section lists top websites to search for cricket betting tips, predictions, and odds. If you are viewing this part of the website in a smartphone, simply tap the website address you want to visit below, and a separate window should pop-up on the bottom of your screen. For desktop users, use copy and paste using your mouse and keyboard. I'm not going to be linking out to any of the properties that may be direct or indirect competitors of this website. Sorry, but there ain't no such thing as a free lunch. Hmm, you know what; scratch that noise. Why not!

  1. - One of the original sites providing tips
  2. - A very old one in the game
  3. - News site for the latest cricket news and betting tips

You can also directly Google: Faizal guru cbtf, crickettips7 (jsk) as they are searched for by thousands of bettors located in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Dubai, Doha, Riyadh etc.

There's Criclines operated by guru raja babu (he claims 100% surety, which is impossible, but whatever). Totally your choice, on how you want to go about it. I have plastered my views on such sites on top of this webpage.

Frankly it's all the same. Your chances of success following them are fifty-fifty only. If you plan on using any of the tips and tricks; just make sure to accommodate your own gambling models and methods. Mix and match may give you a higher winning rate.

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Cricket News, Scores, Highlights, and Schedules

When it comes to iPhone and Android smartphones, there are a few apps that the public seem to like, namely; Sportskeeda (500k+ installs), CricHeroes (1M+ installs) and Cricket Mazza 11 (1M+ installs). They're available for both App Store and Google Play.

As for the information on live lines, both Cricket Line Guru and Cricket Exchange (Google this one) have over 1 crore installations each, so they're pretty big in that sense. Majority of their users hail from India.

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Fantasy Cricket Genre

Since most of these companies do not require any license or regulation (particularly in India), and any kid with coding skills can make an app, or pay someone the money to do so; such startups are quickly becoming a dime a dozen. I'm just listing what I found on Google, though I'm sure newer ones are popping up every other day.

By the way, I'm fairly positive that more than half of fantasy apps, currently proactive in this booming-but-yet-to-thoroughly-mature industry, will go out of business, simply because of supply and demand dynamics. Fantasy cricket gaming has become way too oversaturated - there simply aren't many people interested in it, compared to the overwhelming number of brands offering it. One can win a thousand times more by betting with real money on a proper bookmaker website - scroll to the very top of the page for that - instead of hanging about, trying to get in on virtual tournaments doling out mediocre cash prizes.

The three house-hold names in India are Harsh Jain's Dream11 (has over 20 crore users in India), Howzat (with over 3 crore fantasy cricket lovers), and beard-loving Sanjit Sihag's MyTeam11 (over 18 million accounts and counting). There are others too - Virat Kohli's endorsed Mobile Premier League (MPL), that's serving over 85 million members - but Google is your friend; as the list will keep happily bloating.

There are also websites like Cricgram, a free Dream11 prediction and news site; and Cricxtasy that provides the team, pitch and weather reports to cricket lovers.

This bit is meant for folks who work in the Industry: For cricket league owners or managers, a company in India called CricClubs provides software that can be used to automate things like League Management, Live Scoring and Streaming. They are also recommended for entrepreneurs looking to start their own online fantasy league business. Even bookmakers can take advantage of them, if they lack the ability to code apps.

A few people might believe that it is. But it's all a facade. Betting is betting. It's all black and white. And betting on cricket through fantasy apps is no different. Personally, I'd stick with the more standard approach of using a real bookie.

But, then again, big media is very powerful. They will sell you the idea that betting through fantasy apps is good, and doing the same through a bookmaker is bad. Think of it as Coke vs. Coke Zero. You can drink the sugar-free stuff all you like, but it isn't the same thing.

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Cricket Simulated Reality League (SRL)

There is also a concept of Simulated Reality Leagues, that many fans are jumping into from the normal physical matches played in stadiums. I'll be frank here; no one really knows how the system works in the background, but most sites offering it say, it's powered by AI (Artificial Intelligence) programs that randomize the outcomes of events, to make it an attractive deal for people already holding active accounts.

By the way, another name for it is eCricket. Kind of like eSports that is managed by an AI software. Not every bookmaker has the technical capacity to offer such programs. Some do, and are evolving as the time passes. I think it will have a great future, say 5 years from now. Until then, it's still a fancy word.

I received an email from a sportsbook that's actively promoting it and this is what they wrote:

An in-house massive Artificial Intelligence (AI) brain has records of all the historical cricketing data one can imagine, grounds, bowlers, batsmen, teams, weather - everything. When two teams play, the AI takes the historical data to work out the statistical odds of who will score, bowl, and win.

Think of it like playing those glowing, noisy, slot machines at casinos that guarantee them to be provably fair - just that an AI program manages the stuff on this one. We'll see where this lands as a marketable segment, though I must accept that, it does seem be gaining steam among websites that sell match prediction services. My personal take on this is that, it would somewhat mash up or integrate with fantasy cricket. I don't know the technicals of how it would all work out in the end, but that route does look more logical to me than both SRL and fantasy leagues being billboarded as stand-alone products.

In fact, a few fantasy apps may already be using it, albeit in a nefarious manner. You see not everything is programmed to sweeten the deal for the bettors. AI can be coded to work, for, or against the interests of the cricket betting community.

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Legality and Corruption

Corruption in cricket or match fixing can be bad for people who bet as well - unless, you're on the other side. You as a bettor would generally want the play to be fair to be able to make money. Think about it.

Cricket betting is prohibited in many Asian cricket-loving countries like India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka. The law enforcement in these countries does take action against individuals and rings from time to time; news of which is reflected in the print and online newspapers.

Despite the ban, tens of millions of people bet on this game either through local bookmakers (bookies), or open accounts at online offshore sports betting sites. The jurisdictional restrictions make it easy for people to setup accounts offshore. Fast internet speeds (4G, 5G) and mobile betting apps has aided in increasing the number of people wishing to make bets on cricket matches.

Cricket betting is a massive business and because of the sheer amount of money involved; many local bookies in India, Pakistan and Bangladesh are not afraid to take risks. A few local bookies in these countries operate complex rackets; that are connected with bigger books in places like Dubai, South Africa, Australia and the UK.

Indians spend over $150 Billion US Dollars betting illegally on all kinds of sports; and the game of cricket makes up 80% of that. This number is mind-numbing, possibly more than the GDP of many small nations.

Many regulated books in the UK, South Africa and Australia - may knowing or unknowingly - provide odds, betting facilities to these gangs; thus pumping liquidity into the system for the entire network to keep running, despite the legal hurdles.

Dubai acts as a major hub for the movement of unregulated betting funds. Many bookies based in the UAE provide odds to their local partners (agents) in Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and India. This activity causes a huge concern for law enforcement that are trying to prevent money laundering and tax evasion practices.

Unregulated cricket betting encourages money laundering activities, whereby black money easily moves across borders. This issue is particularly disconcerting, when it comes to the massive Indian cricket betting market. BetFair; a popular UK-based sportsbook (bookmaker) for cricket matches saw remittances (wire transfers) of more than twenty-three Billion Pounds (about Rs 1.9 lakh crore) in 2015 from India. This bookmaker alone has over 10 million betting accounts from India, alone. Flutter Entertainment plc is a bookmaking business created by the merger of Paddy Power and Betfair. It is listed on the London Stock Exchange, and is a constituent of the FTSE 100 Index. It operates under various brands including Betfair, Paddy Power, Sportsbet, and FanDuel.

Due to all this bad press; Betfair has stopped accepting clients from India. This situation may change in the future, depending upon Indian government's decision on legalizing sports betting. If it does; then this bookmaker would make all out efforts to acquire a license to commence local operations in the country.

Matters are changing slowly towards the regularization of sports betting in India, for example. Congress MP, Shashi Tharoor, introduced a private member bill, The Online Gaming and Prevention of Fraud Bill, 2018 in the Lok Sabha, with an aim to establish an effective regime to maintain the integrity of sports in India by preventing and penalizing sports fraud, regulation of online sports gaming.

There's also the much-hyped betting network of Mr. Dawood Ibrahim - his estimated net worth is reported to be around US$ 6.7 billion, though I personally believe it's 10 times this figure - that has been active for decades. There is nothing I can write to add on - well I could, but I don't want to be hunted down like a rat in a dark alley for pissing him or his associates off - to what has already been repeatedly reported in the media, of his personal contacts with the trendy Bollywood celebs, producers, and of course professional cricketers.

I apologize, and please don't let it rub you the wrong way, but my life is more important to me than sports. End of story.

Then finally, Gayatri Jayaraman, from India Today in Mumbai, interviewed a bookie back in 2013; which revealed that only 10 percent of the cricketers say no to fixing matches. There you go, now where does the common punter stand?

In 2015, Patrick Jay, a British-based independent betting expert said in a United Nations conference, that the cricket betting market could be worth more than $300 billion, and the global illegal sports betting market could be as big as $3 to $4 trillion depending on the way one calculates these massive figures.

Make up your own mind.

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Payments and Account Setup

Deposits can be made through credit and debit cards, Skrill, Neteller etc. Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are supported by almost all offshore bookmakers. Same methods are mostly used for withdrawals, though the offshore sites prefer cryptocurrencies.

Few places that specifically target the Indian cricket betting market can accept Paytm wallet; but limits for this route are between, Rs.10,000 to Rs. 1 Lakh  per month, depending upon the KYC levels. This option, therefore, is not viable for professional bettors.

Certain bookies may also provide the facility of cash transfers, or local bank transfers (through on-ground representatives/agents) within your country of residence.

Most should be able to take deposits and also do withdrawals in local currencies such as INR, PKR, BDT, LKR, AED, ZAR, AUD, Euro, GBP etc., and the popular cryptocurrency called Bitcoin. Whales (large gamblers) can bet millions on every match, so the lack of liquidity is never a factor at top books.

This is it, I guess.

I sure hope you'll appreciate my effort on making this website very unique, and perhaps worthy of a future visit.

Come back and read it out as much as you like. By the way, I will be updating this page whenever something new and exciting comes up.

Good luck with your cricket betting ventures. You'll need it. Yup, luck is the most important thing in gambling. Hope you have it and can retain it.

Saurabh Chandrakar and Hitesh Khushalani
Founders Cricketing.Bet

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Who we are and how we curated the sites above

Cricketing.Bet is a website that promotes online betting ID sites. This website is compensated for sending new leads to online bookies, mentioned on this page.

The criteria for our listings are easy to understand. We look for sites that will process funds withdrawals post-wins as fast as possible, with miniscule hassles around KYC procedures. Then, there's the longevity aspect. Our general bias is towards companies that have been in business for at least 5 years, have minimum 10K actively betting clients, and a decent customer support structure that can handle the incoming inquiries, especially during popular cricketing events. The reviews posted (both positive and negative) on places like Reddit and TrustPilot also matter a lot, so you can be sure, we have screened them right, rubbed them down real hard on the Safety Index. Read Cricketing.Bet's About Us page.

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