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A message from our CEO, Saurabh Chellani

Hi there!

Cricketing.Bet provides online cricket betting IDs and casino accounts for people living in India and also other countries, through Whatsapp and direct links to brands.

Many online satta sites listed on Cricketing.Bet offer a Betfair-powered online exchange betting service. However, there are other brands on this website also, that might provide you with a better experience through their in-house innovative apps.

Majority of the internet traffic on Cricketing.Bet comes from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and others.

Being a responsible company, we will never knowingly direct our visitors to fake betting sites or apps. However, please keep in mind, that how you and your betting ID provider conducts its business, is out of my control.

All funds withdrawal-related issues should be forwarded and sorted out between the Gambler / Punter and the Official Company. Cricketing.Bet, legally and technically, cannot resolve such issues on your behalf.

At the moment, our team consists of 9 people, 5 of whom are female; which proves that online gambling is not a man's job anymore.

Feel free to email our Team Members, should you have any questions around creating an online betting account. Same goes for Business Development Managers representing online betting sites.

We look forward to talking to you in person!


Shashank ShrivastavaSaurabh Chellani AKA The Indian Satta King
Founder and CEO Cricketing.Bet


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