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Trusted and Secure. Minimum Deposit for a new ID is Rs. 15,000 or Currency Equivalent. Withdrawal of betting wins are available 24 Hours. Cricketing.Bet is an authentic and legit dealer of Betpro exchange.

Whatsapp us to create a new ID (Only text and voice messages allowed, no live calls). You can also request Withdrawal Proof Screenshots before depositing.

You will get an Online Betting ID in minutes using Whatsapp.

Jee haan..bilkul. Abhi raabta karaen and start betting online in Pakistan - safely!

Funds withdrawal of amounts below Rs. 2 Lakh are processed in under 25 minutes. For bigger amounts, please allow one business day.

Please make sure to read the terms around their bonus, payouts and accounts.

They also promise fair gaming that includes their RNG testing methods, of course backed by Betfair.

Please make sure to abide by your local anti-money laundering laws. Betpro surely does.

Betpro has a dedicated mechanism for dealing with disputes arising from winnings.

All players are encouraged to read their rules for their own guidance.

If you have gambling problems, they also have a policy that deals with such cases.

Betpro strictly does not accept players below the age of 18 and has a policy regarding this.

Depending upon who you are dealing with, basic KYC may be requested by Betpro.



Betpro Exchange is a fairly popular Betfair-clone site in Pakistan

As the sports betting industry continues to grow around the world, Pakistan has not been left behind. It is one of the newest entrants in the market, offering sports betting services to customers in Pakistan.

BetPro Exchange was launched in 2019, and has presence in several countries around the world. The company aims to offer a reliable and trustworthy platform for sports betting enthusiasts in Pakistan.

There is nothing to download in order to create a new account. To start betting, log in to Betpro account after getting your ID.

There are many fake and fraudulent Betpro wallet apps out there that will steal your money. Always deposit through an authentic agent in Pakistan, who you can talk or have a chat through Whatsapp. Use common sense.

Master Agent and Super Master Agent Accounts are available too.

Clients can access the BetPro exchange directly by just copying and pasting in the browser address bar. Users can also reset their password in this area.

You can also visit the charts section of your account for open and settled bets at

Cricketing.Bet can offer a 10% deposit bonus for Betpro. Say, you deposit Rs. 20,000, we will credit your account by Rs. 2,000 making your first deposit to Rs. 22,000. No deposit bonus is not available.

Demo is available on request. Please Whatsapp us.

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Platform Powered by Betfair

Betpro uses Betfair's exchange platform. That's because, Betfair itself, stopped accepting new clients from Pakistan quite a while ago. I guess, it wants to remain in the good books of the government, planning long-term for a possibility, when sports betting "could be" made legal in the country. It could then apply for a valid operational license.

It's a far-fetched chance, but still. We can't blame Betfair for thinking on these lines and making their corporate decisions based on the ground realities in Pakistan.

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How to use Betpro

It works just like a stock exchange. Betting exchanges are places, where bettors trade or bet against each other. Betpro just takes a small cut in the form of commissions.

Here's how it works:

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The good and the bad

First of all, Betpro is not a scam. It's a good exchange betting site. Pakistanis tend to go for Betfair clones like Betpro (and others like Skyexch etc.) simply because it offers more opportunity to make big money. One can double or triple the initial stake, by just winning one odd lucky bet. You also have more control (lay and back) and best of all, you are betting against another person, not the bookie itself, which ends the issue of conflict of interest.

Betting on sports other than cricket, football and tennis can cause one to enter bad deals. Sometimes there may not be enough players on the other end to bet against you.

Also, it's not easy for newbies. New bettors needs to learn the ropes, before they can comfortably use Betfair-powered platforms. Not many Pakistanis are literate enough to grasp complex betting concepts, there's that also.

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Similar alternatives to Betpro

1. Betfair Exchange

If you live outside Pakistan, or somehow can access Betfair's official site, you should go for the master exchange plaform, directly, without the need for intermediaries like Betpro.

You will get world-class service, and have secure access to deposits and withdrawals. This means you will be cheated less.

But then Betfair ain't available for all, let alone Pakistan.

2. Smarkets

It's a rival of Betfair, offers a similar platform. You can sign up with them, if you outside Pakistan and are sick of Betpro.

On bad side, they have smaller liquidity.

But, they're still a good route to hop on to, when compared to Betpro.

3. Matchbook

They are more into horse racing and that too UK and Dubai-based. The best part about them is that they don't charge any commission for betting on their exchange platform.

4. Betdaq

Not known in Pakistan, like at all. But they're a good option, if you can't get an account elsewhere, or if every betting exchange has banned your account for some reason.

5. Ladbrokes Exchange

It's a fairly good option for UK-based Pakistani bettors. It has its own quirks as a brand, but well worth it, when competing against Betpro.

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Betpro doesn't have an app, so be careful

You can open, and gamble using the Betpro exchange platform, on your iPhone or Android-powered smartphone. But, this bookie does not have an official app. All Betpro apps are fake and will steal your money. Be careful. Always use an official dealer.

Customer support is offered by Cricketing.Bet

Being a partner, Cricketing.Bet's staff would be responsible for the local customer support for its own Betpro clients. We can't help you if you opened an account through a different person. So, feel free to get in touch with us for any related questions.

Client security is important to Betpro and Cricketing.Bet

Betpro takes client privacy security seriously. Your data is never shared with anyone, unless a proper court order is received. Cricketing.Bet will also protect your identity.

BetPro Exchange is owned and operated by Raeen Exchange, a UK company, that has a gambling license from the Curacao Gaming Control Board. And there are no laws that explicitly prohibit online gambling in Pakistan. Therefore, using Betpro's platform in Pakistan is legal, as long as it is accessed through the internet.

If there's something that majority of Pakistanis love other than their parents (Maa or Baap), that is cricket. I mean same can be said about the Indians and the Bagladeshis too.

Wasay, I must tell you that betting when done physically at gambling dens in Pakistan is illegal. Betting on horses at select race courses is legal; for example gambling at Lahore Race Club is legal and taxed. Similarly, there aren't any laws against using online betting apps and websites. As long as you're using the internet to access gambling sites, there shouldn't any legal worries for you. In fact, a lot of betting companies like 1XBet, MelBet etc., sponsor PSL matches. So, looking at betting in an overall perspective makes it an OK thing in Pakistan.

Agar app Pakistani gambling laws par aur pharna chahtein hain tu, go to Wikipedia. They have some legal and valid points, you can go through.

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Popular casino games users can play

The following is a list of some of the most well-known casino games available at Betpro:

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One cannot hack Betpro accounts, sorry

Avoid people trying to sell you hacked Betpro IDs, because in majority of the cases your own personal details would be compromised. Also all "withdrawal" requests by local Betpro agents are manually checked for all bets. One may be able to hack and add a fake account Pak Rupee balance, but it is impossible to withdraw any profits made on such bets, because the local agents keep a close eye on the deposit and withdrawals from an account. You will also be banned from using this platform in the future, if caught cheating. My recommendation would be to not search for hacked accounts.

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Cricketing.Bet and Betpro Betting ID Rules

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